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.38 SpecialBack To Paradise
.38 SpecialComin' Down Tonight
.38 SpecialRock & Roll Strategy
.38 SpecialSomebody Like You
10,000 ManiacsLike The Weather
10,000 ManiacsTrouble Me
10,000 ManiacsWhat's The Matter Here
1927That's When I Think Of You
3 Man IslandJack The Lad
38 SpecialBack Where You Belong
38 SpecialCaught Up In You
38 SpecialHold On Loosely
38 SpecialIf I'd Been the One
38 SpecialLike No Other Night
38 SpecialSecond Chance
38 SpecialTeacher Teacher
38 SpecialYou Keep Runnin' Away
4 By FourWant You For My Girlfriend
707I Could Be Good For You
707Mega Force
9.9All Of Me For All Of You
'Til Tuesday(Believed You Were) Lucky
'Til TuesdayComing Up Close
'Til TuesdayLooking Over My Shoulder
''Weird Al'' YankovicLike A Surgeon

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